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A Lethal Joke

A Stand-Alone Mystery
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Alice zogg's Story

Alice Zogg was born and raised in Switzerland. She met her husband, a fellow Swiss, in New York City, and the two made their home in the United States. The family relocated to Southern California in 1967, where they have resided since. She is an avid traveler and plays pickleball and golf.

 Zogg is the author of ten books in the R. A. Huber Mystery Series as well as stand-alone mysteries.


All books are available in paperback and hardcover editions and the last twelve also in e-book format at  and as well as other online vendors.



My Books
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A Lethal Joke

Stand-Alone mystery

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A Dark Book Club

Stand-Alone mystery

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Exposing the Past

A Bad Apple

Stand-Alone mystery

Stand-Alone mystery

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No Curtain Call
Stand-Alone mystery

A Bet Turned Deadly
Stand-Alone mystery

The Ill-Fated Scientist
Accidental Eyewitness
Stand-Alone mystery
Stand-Alone mystery

Evil at Shore Haven
10th R.A.Huber novel

Guilty or Not
9th R.A. Huber novel

Murder at the Cubbyhole
8th R.A. Huber novel

Revamp Camp

7th R.A. Huber novel

Final Stop Albuquerque

6th R.A. Huber novel

The Fall of Optimum House
5th R.A. Huber novel

Tracking Backward
3rd R.A. Huber novel

The Lonsome Autocrat

4th R.A. Huber novel

Turn the Joker Around
2nd R.A. Huber novel

Reaching Checkmate

1st R.A. Huber novel

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